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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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fight to win. we will fight to win. from now on, victory will have a clear definition, attacking our enemies obliterating isis prosperingalale perpetuatoring taliban from taking over afghanistan stopping mass trevor attacks against america before they emerge. >> welcome to "journal editorial report" i am paul gigot that was president donald trump monday night his first prime time address to the nation laying out his administration's path forward in afghanistan the president
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promising to end a strategy of nation building in the region focusing instead on addressing the terrorists articulate 3900 additional troops expected to be deployed with some already on their way. the president of the foundation for defense of democracy welcome again cliff good to see you, so the -- the president big debate in the white house for quite a while decided on this strategy did he get to the right outcome? >> well i think he got to the right outcome in this sense, my impetus would be that his gut insink was pull out of afghanistan leave it behind, we have no business being there -- at the end of the day, i think he was persuaded for u.s. to lose to the fwan and to al-qaida after years of fighting would in immense consequences that was not acceptable i think he was right to make that decision. >> conventions of pulling out comparable or maybe worse than
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what happened when president obama pulled observer out of iraq saw rise of islamic state would have consequences that president trump would have been responsible for. >> yes, he would have been responsible for that you have the -- agency we saw in iraq you want to particularly a lot of dangerous areas of the world pakistan next door, already has nuclear weapons, what happened to pakistan with taliban al-qaida rising in afghanistan. you have to imagine that scenario, and you have to also understand this, that the defeat of united states in afghanistan that is how it i will be seen, would supercharge all our enemies around the world, and we have a lot of enemies around the world, from north korea to iran, to places in africa, it would be a setback that we would have difficulty recovering from. paul: with this strategy you understand going forward is it adequate to do what the president says his goal is
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which is to win victory? or are we just talking about, maybe do the losing, and sta stabilizing several years. >> he corrects part of the strategy i use in quotes that president obama had, fixes the rules of engagement not allowing save havens in pakistan use all instruments of american power expect sanctions on individuals in pack staupakistan we will be the until results we want you harder in statement he made would he like to see negotiations with the taliban now the top xa commanders taliban men of faith would rather defy than accept defeat maybe if you kill enough next level next level after that there are men think i believe that maybe a longer life is better than martyrdom a
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jihadist does not say have peace sit down with infidels including in government, and let's have a payer sharing arrangement we can live with that they can live with that. that is unlikely seems to me doesn't mean we can't get to a good result over time i don't see one right -- any time soon, this is this war we will have to sustain our presence there, and we will have to be a sustainable presence that we keep there -- >> for a number of years, i mean, we've. >> yeah. paul: i mean that -- let's talk specifically though about pakistan, because other presidents have complained privately about their harrowing terrorists a double game taking money from us saying we back you, but then, giving safe haven to taliban to network alied with taliban, trump is for the first time i mean really calling them out publicly, in an aggressive
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way, but that means if pakistan doesn't help we are going to have to follow through with -- if he wants to stay credible that is if the president wants to stay credible that is going to mean strikes maybe across the board into pakistan? >> i think so, unless the pakistanis decide this is really a new day and they have to do something very different, when maintenance taking out training camps safe havens refugees we have to do so go after pakistani government other ways cutting aid sanctions, sanctions maybe even very specific, on individuals who have close ties with the taliban, in afghanistan, we may have to hit them as well, one of the things very difficult, you can't fight a war in kind of "bonnie and clyde" fashion cop gets to state line turns around goes back that is how -- it has been, in afghanistan for sometime. >> history shows that you
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can't stop an insurgency where you can't follow history shows that every general i have talked to has been fighting afghanistan said the same thing, so maybe this will be a different change of strategy but not without risk because pakistanis could create trouble for us if -- if they want to. >> they can, and that is one of the reasons i think president trump talked about relationship with india getting stronger, pakistanis very much fear many case detest india, don't want to see the us in that direction but you are right he is very hard to predict what pack stanize will do one of the things wrong about obama strategy in quotes if you have a timetable out by date certain your enemies and pakastanis snow why siding with these guys should side with those who are going to be there, who are going to prevail be left at the end of the day that is important. one other point that we need to stress, is we will be there
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for years this i see afghanistan not as war but as a battle in a global conflict people say this is longesters war american history but not the longest war in history wars are not normally brief, this is going to be a low intensity conflict likely to go on for many years for many decades, that is very hard for americans to accept, but if we don't, and our enemies do we are at great disadvantage. >> republicans gear up president trump continues feud with the senate leader and other republicans. so just what is he up to will it make-or-break his agenda on capitol hill? >> i am very disappointed in mitch, but if he gets these bills passed i will be very happy with him i will be first to admit it. ♪ it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances
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>> we will -- seven years, the republicans and again you have some great senators. but we are one vote away from repeal nobody wants me to talk about your other senator who is weak on borders week on crime. >> president trump striking a very different tone one day after his afghanistan address calling out senators john mccain jeff flake tuesday at rally, in thursday home state of arizona. mccain and flake not the only republicans in the president's target list he slammed mitch mcconnell and paul ryan for what he called the debt ceiling mess, and singled out majority leader again thursday tweeting quote the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is that after hearing repeal and replace for seven years he failed. that should never have happened. let's bring in "the wall
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street journal" columnist bill mcgun, james freedomman columnist kim strassel, kim break down the president's motivation here what is he up to going after republicans? >> well, it seems that the president thinks that it will be better for his political future to go his own way, and blame the republicans for any failures. it is arguably a grave miscalculation because what the president seems to be missing is that he is going to be measured on about accomplishments, those accomplishments can only come from the republican congress for him. and every time he beats on them he makes it harder for them to get that agenda passed. paul: makes it harder you thinkis his view would be if i beat him up enough, they will get in line and get it done, clearly he thinks that might you know maybe he can turn one vote in the senate, you are saying that is not likely? >> look, it is would be thing to put pressure on senators, and also, by the way, to go out and talk about your agenda
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and give them cover, it is another to go out your way to alienate them they decide they owe you nothing and chances that you lose a vote up front simply because of ego, permits, becomes a greater. >> gentlemen do you disagree with that? >> when i was in bush white house bush was tacticed attacked all the time by republicans the general rule president sucks it up because -- stays quiet, not necessarily in private. [laughter] right. >> in public. >> the reason is, the ray congress works, none of these guys have power even mitch mcconnell to get through what you want. but almost everyone as john mccain approved on health care has power to just stop you in your tracks, and stab you in the back and that happens a lot. so generally they -- i think this donald trump if he had spoken like this, about the
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democratic opponents of health care before the vote he might have had more republicans on his side for that. >> why? he wouldn't have turned any democratic -- >> no, he wouldn't it would have given coffer for republicans unparticular bill no one explained it no one defended it contention you cannot lead nation from congress the guy closest was newt gingrich got bashed by bill clinton just because bill clinton had a bigger bully pulpit. >> was donald trump making declaration of independence, if you will from the republicans i would argue it was always always a shotgun marriage between republicans and capitol hill and trump maybe trump is declaring divorce here filing for divorce, i mean, don't republicans have to begin to calculate that you know maybe we need to go our own way? and do what we need to do kind of stay you know president is going to do what he does, and we will move on our own knee i
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that i disastrous strategy to get reelected, you saw the crowd in phoenix there, i think two sides have to learn how to get along i would not want to be a republican running next year, against donald trump, i think that is -- >> -- bad turnout. >> in any case not my point my point not to run eminence trump. my point is to say look he may -- may -- he may call health care bill mean, as he did in the house, or he may decide that you know i am going to he is going to come up for higher tax rates on individuals ignore that go ahead and get your own thing done then you can talk about your accomplishments and not whatever donald trump is doing. >> i think that is one thing they really need to focus on, is ignoring the tweet of the day, put it on his desk, he will sign it, but i also think you know should be noted, i think jeff flake is wonderful but did write an entire book
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attacking president two-way street maybe bothout to figure out how to get along to pass agenda. >> this is about self-interest here, i mean from the president's point of view jeff fake is one of 52 republican senators, only lose two, and lose and -- and you are in trouble losing the majority. flake is probably along with dean heller in nevada most vulnerable republican this year could beating flake in a primary cost him that seat? >> absolutely. that is the risk. and, by the way, there is no guarantee that the people that the trump folks are butting up to that are challenging mr. flake on the primary are necessarily going to win that primary, so they could be setting himself up for disaster, look, the president again he is going to be measured on what is accomplished. by this republican congress. for the most part. and the way forward to do that is to -- develop a sense of
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unity stop attacking but, also, to actually talk about the republican agenda, look, this entire august was supposed to be about setting the ground for tax reform we haven't heard anything about it, it has been ground out, by the controversies the president continues to push forward himself. and so he has got to start thinking about the end goal. >> all right when we come back the president's shut down articulate sends republican leaders about scrambling who benefits most from high stakes showdown? >> i don't think -- anyone is interested in having a shutdown. i don't think it is in our interest to do so. ♪ today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes
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build that wall the obstructionist democrats would like us not to do it but
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believe me we have to close down our government we are building that wall. >> president trump in phoenix tuesday threatening to shut down the federal government if congress fails to fund his borderwall with mexico lawmakers face a september 30 deadline to pass a budget deal. so bill, shut down you have been there. >> [laughter] paul: what do you make of this -- threat. >> you know i think it is really donald trump's way of saying i need this. you know i need you to fund the wall give me something, dlo me a bone for this, and just to take it seriously i think he does need in a way if you remember the phone calls mexican president, exact words the least important thing talking about most important politically, something people understand, who elected him he needs to go to border say we're building this i think can give him a little money i don't think we need a shutdown. >> will will that -- that -- that is the rub, right? because the democrats are saying we are not going to
6:22 pm
fund it with a dime he needs 60 votes in the senate to pass a funding bill, and democrats are go aren't beginning of him a dime is it worth risking a shutdown. >> i don't think the democrats are going to shut down the government because -- a border already has fences walls, may get higher, i don't see that happening do i think with cutting taxes this is one of the signature promises of the 2016 trump campaign i think congress ought to deliver on both not because i think the wall is a priority it wouldn't be for me, but look, we already have a border with some protection, give him some added benefit there, and i think the real game is don't cut off legal immigration i would hope may be there is a deal you allow legal immigration end lawlessness at border i look to allow him to get one of his priorities. >> do you agree with that.
6:23 pm
>> i think that is what trump believes in, in the sense i don't think he is going to compromise in this, because probably the wall is essentially promise in terms of what people what people understand, ordinary people voted for him i think he made it very clear he understands the political problem with this when talking with the mexican foreign leader i don't, i think he believes he cannot compromise on this. >> i don't know kim i think that it depends on how you define "wall". >> exactly would you have virtual wall different electronic ways protecting it could be just as effective a lot less unsightly less opposition from some politicians say we are going to -- throw up a wall down there -- >> i think the key words here are border security. and that this is what you are going to hear republicans talk about, as way to get past this
6:24 pm
line that the president has drawn a relying point on question of immigration reform in recent years smart move for republicans in house and senate is to get the best that they can get, in terms of some sort of agreement on money for some form of border security, get that passed, and then, i think it in likely at that point that the president details it because then the shutdown is on him. and he doesn't necessarily need or want that. >> all right one other issue the president raised james the filibuster. doing away with it in senate for legislation would be 50 votes would require a change of rules. number one does this have any chance of passing in the senate is it a goad idea. >> i don't see it happening irn it might be a good idea just discuss a since the president has been -- have a i think. >> nomination -- >> right, the democrats will
6:25 pm
get rid of it next time they are in power and suits them much history from harry reid when democrats controlled senate obviously that has not been the problem this year this goes back to the top of the show, i think the president was speaking for a lot of americans when he said seven years, you promised you are going to get rid of obamacare one vote it wasn't the filibuster that stopped that it was john mccain the republican, republican party, so that has been the problem and that is in frustration, they have enough votes to send him very good legislation, without ending the filibuster and they should. >> i just don't see this happening, because there is enough institutionalists loft love to have filibuster to be able to stop democratic legislation the bet that is if you don't do it now then the democrats won't do it -- >> the old-fashioned more traditional i don't like to remove things there it
6:26 pm
prevents excesses and enthusiasm from dominating i don't think it is going to happen. >> to be able to continue to top legislation -- >> we have a cheap one you just threaten it. >> all right still ahead with the effort to repeal and replace obamacare, still stalled on capitol hill much-needed good news from food and drug administration, quickly moving to lower the cost of prescription drugs, for patients across america. fda commissioner joins us next. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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♪ paul: effort to repeal and replace obamacare still stalled on capitol hill welcome news from food and drug on target to approve a record number of he dangerous this year could lower the cost for millions of patients across the country i spoke with fda commissioner dr. scott gottlieb earlier. >> first time up of been back here since government want to talk about very energetic agenda to prove competition against a brand of drugs what do you make of the difference. >> we don't do drug pricing but we increase competition by access to more drugs particularly on generic drug side one of the things looking at ways that we can bring more generic drugs to the market we see particular situations there are market failures in
6:31 pm
my view policies, that are preventing generics from coming to the market so, for example,, we have seen generic drug companies be -- have obstacles getting access to dozes dozes for fda approval because of things brandeded companies do to prevent them getting the drugs they need. >> supposed to make samples available i have been told they use fda safety as excuse not to pride safrpdz. >> there are things we can do, we put in place to protect certain drugs that are risky to use certain measures to make safety news, drugs have certain risks brandeded companies use those to block ability of generic companies to buy doeses they need to do a study they need -- to get prood so the branded companies use measures as way to block them from access, we believe in market-based pricing but in order for market-based pricing
6:32 pm
to work the expectation is that there is vigorous competition, intellectual property elapsed on branded drugs the brandeded companies deploying tactics to prevent that from coming on market focusing our attention. >> couple priorities you have written for us over the years, private life one is to overall improve drug approvals but make public about when fda rejects something that letter of rejection public. >> complete response letters rationale why the agency rejected about a drug we are looking at places we can increase transparency there are steps contain couple months. >> don't want to make news. >> probably making public more of the data with drug approval so people have access to underlying data that went into the decisions made that to approve drugs probably first step we are going to take there will be dibble steps to increase strpz overall review process. >> congress passed 21st century cures act to give you
6:33 pm
a chance at fda to look at classic randomized clinical trials how do have more evidence to have it i to more patients how is progress on that. >> the economy in washington -- speed versus safety speed up the process you are making less safe i think that is not true i think you can make process smarter more effective learn more but also make it go more quickly, that is what we are trying to focus on how do we build in better rules better signs, so we have more efficient process, the legislation gives us tools to do that. >> particularly in this world where drugs now more and more are going to be patient specific. >> right. >> smaller pools of patients they can hit so they might work against for those people but not for the larger pool of randomized trial don't you have to start to change trials to be able to meet that kind of change in medicine. >> we are doing that something we announced very recently we are going to allow for approval on the basis of
6:34 pm
molecular target say a drug treats a target drives cancer might arise in lung liver pancreas rather than approval for the lung and separately for in liver if drug works against a molecular target you can do one trial get approval across tumor types how we are trying to adapt rules for way drugs are developed. >> fascinating also the right to try -- passed senate house is going to consider it 30 states i think passed some version basically would give patients who are dying, a looking for treatment to give them faster access to an experimental treatment are you in favor of that. >> in favor of things going to allow patients more access to drugs, and favor thing that are going to compress process to drugs reap market more necessarily looking at both things going to take steps coming month i think will facilitate the ability of patients to get drugs object
6:35 pm
what we call compassionate r and d the ability to use a drug still sprnl per mental. >> the frustration you have compassionate. >> is ability now but never it is very did i sometimes particular if the obstacle of efficacy of the drug is put in front of parents s as opposed to safety i understood safety want to make sure you are not killing patients with drug why not if somebody is dying, isn't it immoral to dean access to externality treatment we do that now situations where efficacy isn't well established for drugs there is minimum data around the state plausible reason to think drug might work one of the bigger obstacles not a lot of availability a lot of companions don't make drugs available weep want to bring more transparency to that create more incentives to do this publicize more pressure on companies.
6:36 pm
>> how can you do that how can you -- >> obviously you can't forfeits the companies to provide it, but what do you do. >> one thing we're going to do make it easy to ascertain when a company does doesn't make a driving available people will know that transparency is going to help there is legislation trying to compel companies to make drugs available to companies recipient of benefits like accelerated approval big enough breakthrough to get kinds of benefits and concessions by the agency why not also ask the company to make drug available in expanded access basis for people who have no medical options, congress looked at that he legislatively we couldn't do that as matter of policy. >> thank you dr. gottlieb. >> still ahead as left steps up its war on school choice, there is an attack on charter schools starting to take its toll? when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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. >> pro agrees ifrs stepping up on chool choice calling for moratorium on charter schools at annual convention last month teachers union chief claiming the school-choice movement has roots in quote racism xenophobia homophobia may be working with a poll showing sport for public charter schools dropping from 51% in 2015 to 39% this year we are back with bill mcgunner james freeman "the wall street journal" editorial board member astarted with democrats hillary clinton elizabeth warren, now, they are opposed why? >> well i think you should not overestimate the results of this poll, the poll shows that equal number charter schools
6:41 pm
lost equal number as republicans, in terms of. >> not just coming from not just from democratic party also from republicans independents, what you really see is unions ramp up attacks on charters because becoming a bigger threat to the monopoly this has especially this last year with attacks wages on for profit unregulated charter schools, essentially making them out to be reason by plutocrats. >> but not rally that is a small portion of the charter school business charter school operation. >> i mean, most nonprofits to extent for profit use vrndz for profits small businesses vendors. >> how many charter students are there nationwide. >> there are three million, in one million are waiting to get into charter. >> all right bill do you have any sense of -- whether this is working or not do you agree
6:42 pm
don't want to overread this poll. >> i think there is only about 13% of charters for profit, in the real world. randy weingartens's world always for profits her other language was more polite segregation. >> deeply offensive incredibly offensive. >> who is main beneficiaries. >> minority children they got fight on choovment in student he achievement you look at results for black and hispanic kids new york city appalling mirror ordinary around the country people say unpopular losing popularity remember when in asia philippines anti-americanism you see the line with 90,000 long or something, that is the same thing we have here, people say i don't necessarily like them but you see the waiting list new york city a waitless about 50,000 i think you wait list
6:43 pm
it is all over country moms and dads when they actually make a choice, they want that kind of choice the good thing charter schools are uneven not a magic bullet. >> some -- >> right -- if -- >> bad restaurants market doesn't mean that there is no bad restaurants just means you don't have to go in that is the great difference, if no good wouldn't attract people will close that is virtue. >> in new york city city children of color in uponoply government controlled system scoring 24% proficient in math 29% proficient english look at success academy charter schools talking about roughly 90% proficiency math and english this is a way out this is opportunity for kids, to get out of the system that isn't working, and the empire is striking back with attacks on people who run charters schools they don't have the facts. >> what is the way to fight
6:44 pm
back if you believe in charters in choice, how to fight back. >> i think that is -- what you need to make this is providing parents with a choice, escape from failing public schools, you really need to provide parents with information about numbers, how public schools are failing as you said only quarter of new york are actually scoring proficient or of color proficient you compare to success academy in new york if it were its district would be top achieving new york city. >> one -- it is actually. >> the whole state one of the things though that has happened in new york moskowitz runs success academy built a grassroots network, she has demonstrations with parents, kids, and saying, look, we are voters, and we you have to pay attention to us has been able to beat back hostility from mayor de blasio.
6:45 pm
>> proactive aggressive going after unions new york city some chatter school a supervisors other cities other areas of the country more passive about this. >> eli, yes. thank you all when we come back commander of the navy 7th fleet removed following this week's deadly commission of the uss mccain the fourth accident involving u.s. warships in the pacific this year, so has the navy reached a breaking point? so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just airline purchases. seems like a no-brainer. what's in your wallet?
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navy 7th fleet relieved of duty following a series of warship accidents, in the pacific this year, the latest and deadliest monday's
6:49 pm
collision involving uss john s. mccain oil tanker off sooning portray, a naval officer and deputy undersecretary of the navy and reagan and bush administrations now director of the hudson institute center for american sea power and author of the new book sea blindness out next week good to see you. >> thank you. can you recall in your long experience watching the navy any accumulation of accidents like we have seen this year? >> no. paul: remarkable how worried should public be? >> well, the navy has been under increasing pressure since the end of the cold war. because at the end of the reagan administration almost 600 ships. today, there are battle force about 276 ships.
6:50 pm
and the missions that are being required of the navy have been increasing steadily since 9/11. >> right. >> what you have is the reality intruding on real world events intruding on a shrinking navy. paul: what -- let's put -- the answer i believe about that what does that mean longer torz at sea does it mean less training in port? does it mean, sailors who don't get the training in seamanship training on the some vessels that they should get make that give -- feedback. >> paul it is not -- it is not as though the navy is trying to cut back on training. the navy is trying to do of things at once its first application as it see z it is to answer the requirements of the nation around the world. paul: right.
6:51 pm
>> so diminishing resources and fuhrer ships means as you pointed out increased deployments training has been affected because when the ships return from longer deployments there is more work to be done to get them book into shape sociothey can be sent out again quickly. and sometimes that can come at the expense of training. or else commanding officers will will typically try to do training not possible because of the extended maintenance times at sea while away. and there are other changes that have taken place most notably a shift from sea based experience as the foundation for training, to computer based training.
6:52 pm
>> okay that turns out to be a problem. >> okay. so sounds to me like what you are talking about a disconnect between the missions, and resources, so why did -- why -- why were they -- the commander 7th fleet and officers relieved of duty is it really fair to do that if -- if the real reason is disconnect between the missions and what they have to work with? >> paul, it is -- it is a longstanding and under standable tradition people in demand responsibility are held accountable when things happen mishaps happen under their command. there's -- a very good and as i say longstanding tradition of holding people accountable. >> if we only had that in congress we would probably have a better congress. >> yes, but that is true.
6:53 pm
that is supposed to be the electoral -- doesn't seem to work out terribly well, but the point that i would like to make is that as -- you know congress, congress is the -- the quiet actor and political leadership is the quiet actor in what we're seeing right now. because no matter what operational tempo of the navy is, and no matter thohow many deployments how long they are how much maintenance when a return to port, and no matter how the training has suffered the root issue is there aren't enough ships to do what the nation is asking the navy to do. the responsibility for that does not lie in a commanding officer fleet commander it lies in the political leadership of the united states. >> i think you've written for us, we got 276 ships you think circulate should be upwards of
6:54 pm
a target of 350 or so. >> i think the trump administration target of 350 ships is at the minimal acceptable levy look it is important to remember that we're not getting closeter that not in this budget cycle, and if -- if progress is made on that count, the plan is to reach 350 ships 30 years from now. so it is needed but this is not going to has been overnight. >> thanks for being here appreciate it we have to take one more break when we come back hits and misses of the week. llergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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time for hits and misses of the week, kimberly strassel start us off. >> paul allow me to join the very long line of those
6:58 pm
trashing espn for decision to yank a sportscaster from calling a university of virginia game in charlottesville for the sfrp reason his name is robert lee, this is this is ridiculous it is asian american bears no relationship whatsoever to the famous confederate general here is the crazy thing too paul liberals tell us to do more to make sure people are not blackballed because of color of skin but apparently okay to black ball because of the last name. >> can't top that this is a miss to jonathan gruber, viewers may remember him as one of the architects of obamacare we know how that worked out, then he famously blamed the stupid of the american voters for enact of that law now we have had state of vermont attorney general
6:59 pm
there saying he submitted bogus invoices to the state working on single pair health plan the case settled mr. gruber agreed to the no collect 90,000 dollars, in invoices he sent the state. >> this is a -- this week announced closed closing a deal with whole foods, going to slash prices at whole foods, some you may recall known as miss whole paycheck from baby kale bananas proof how competition helps consumers. >> steve mnuchin, recently recessed open letter from 300 classmates from yale calling him on the to resign moral protester against donald trump allegedly white supremacists in a letter saying he is working for american people also noted confederate
7:00 pm
monuments so forth if so easy previous administrations might have acted, so kudos to mr. ap mnuchin for a classy comeback. >> thanks to panel thank you for watching i am paul gigot hope to see you right here next week. from "fox business" headquarters in new york city the new "wall street week". maria: welcome to "wall street week" a program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i maria bartiromo. coming up in a few moments some of the biggest voices in the startup scene will join our roundtable. headlines impacting everything from wall street to main street this past week. reporter: federal reserve chair janet yellen is at the annual conference in jackson hole wyoming on friday and neglected to offer clues on the future of monetary policy. she di


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